We believe: Play is serious business. Young minds are impressionable.. Modest Alternatives!

How We Got Started...                                                                                                                                                         I have been a crafter for 35 years and like the idea of not only modest Barbie clothes but handmade at that. 

We sell modest clothes for Barbie dolls and other modest fashion doll clothes also modest dolls. 

It has a special meaning when they are made by hand. 

Newsweek contacted me about a shop I have through a handmade website business and wanted to do an article on my modest handmade Barbie doll clothes shop.. 

I turned them down for personal reasons and it was to be their last issue before going out of business. 

I decided to establish my own online website to sell them. 

Then I will add modest dolls with machine made and also handmade but fine quality clothes that you would be proud to have for your daughter or young lady in your life. 

So please bear with me while I add more each week. 

Stick around to see them all before you just look quickly but do not get to appreciate what I am offering 

young minds that are so impressionable. 

I hope you like what I have to offer. 

Thank you, Debbie owner of www.modestbarbieclothes.com

Handmade Modest Barbie Clothes

Handmade Barbie Clothes