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  • Teal Blue Barbie Gown-Purse-Shoes-Necklace-Bracelet-Earrings


    *Barbie Gown, Modest Barbie Clothes

    This lace Barbie doll gown is the perfect gift for girls and collectors alike. 

    This teal blue satin and lace Barbie ballgown has four layers of very long lace over one another. 

    It has a teal blue satin bodice. 

    Underneath the layers of lace is a layer of satin fabric.

    *It comes with a professionally handmade handcrafted pocketbook.

    *It also comes with a pair of fancy Barbie shoes.

    *And to complete this beautiful Barbie outfit it has a handmade 24 karat gold plated chain necklace-bracelet-earrings set with pearls. 

    There is something very special and unique about the earrings. 

    They can be put on in two completely different styles in one.

    You can separate the exquisite extra hanging pearls from the post and make it a simple post with a 24 karat gold plated finish and a simple pearl accent. 

    Also you can make it fancy with both the single stone and the 24 karat gold chain and four additional hanging pearls.

    *This dress will fit the vintage Barbie's and the new Barbie's.

    *Lace, and satin fabrics

    *Easy on and off with Velcro closure.

    *All seams are finished off.

    *This beautiful Barbie dress comes from a smoke free and pet free home.

    Handmade Modest Barbie Clothes

    Handmade Barbie Clothes