We believe: Play is serious business. Young minds are impressionable.. Modest Alternatives!

Modest Barbie-Coat-Hat-Mittens-Shirt-Belt-Purse-Pants-Shoes

$15.95 $12.99

*Barbie Casual Wear, Modest Barbie clothes.

These modest Barbie Clothes fit all fashion dolls like a 11.5 inch Barbie doll.

*This outfit consists of a long sleeve Barbie shirt

It also comes with a matching white and blue hat.

*It also has a white Barbie fur coat with white fur pom pom's and lilac mittens.

*It sports a black with silver belt.

*It also sports bright, bold, pink, blue, and yellow patterned shiny satin pants. 

*It comes with an amazing green, and blue, pocketbook with bright yellow straps.

*It also comes with a pair of matching pink fancy Barbie shoes.

It has Velcro for easy changing.

This outfit was designed to fit all your vintage Barbie's and new 11.5" Barbie dolls.

Handmade Modest Barbie Clothes

Handmade Barbie Clothes